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UK Business Overview

Recent reports compiled by the London School of Economics[1] and several industry insiders have shown us what the UK business SME sector current performance ... [Read More]

Transitioning from a professional career to running a start-up

Transitioning from a professional career to running a start-up requires a high level of market knowledge and understanding. Therefore, it is very rarely... [Read More]

Things you should know before opening your own restaurant in the UK

Owning a restaurant is one of the most common dreams every little guy or girl might have. As you may know, there is no magic sauce that will help propel... [Read More]

The UK’s Venture Capital Market

The private equity and venture capital market is said to have generated jobs for 385,000 individuals within the UK alone. Over the past five years, out... [Read More]

The UK Hotel Industry

The British hotel industry is set for a record 2017 owing to a substantial increase in both domestic and international visitors planning holidays in the UK. The B... [Read More]

The UK Food Industry Analysis

As of 2016 the food service market within the UK was worth a value of £87.2 billion, being up 2.3% in comparison to the 2015 market value. When broken ... [Read More]

The UK Fashion Retail Industry

Worth £60.2bn in 2015, the fashion industry grew at a compound annual growth rate of 4.3% during the previous five years but saw a major slowdown in late ... [Read More]

The UK Digital Market Research

The UK Digital Market Research The Digital Market Research and digital sector is the segment of an economy that refers to any job that is associated with... [Read More]

The UK Business

The UK Business Business activity In 2018, there were 5.7 million private sector businesses in the The UK Business, down by 27,000 compared to 2017. This... [Read More]

The main issues within the IT sector in the UK

The growth of the digital economy and the pace at which new technologies are emerging mean that IT and computing graduates are more valuable to employers... [Read More]