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Business ideas for 2019: Online coaching and consultancy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the UK public loves convenience. After all, why navigate a crowded shopping centre when you can order things... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Microblading

Brows on fleek to business peak – how the miracle microblading revolution could be your next business win. “Eyebrows on fleek” was a 2014 phenomenon that ... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Macramé and houseplants

Looking for your next crafty, interiors-based business venture? Read on to see how nothing more than string and leaves will help you make your mark in... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Luxury pet care

Animal-loving entrepreneurs, make 2019 the year you start a luxury pet care business, which is essentially childcare or deluxe pampering for pets. Whether ... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Living with less

The sharing economy was partly borne out of necessity (a new economic landscape after the recession), and partly from the proliferation of smartphones... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Inclusive children’s products

From books with diverse characters, to educational toys and gender-neutral clothing, discover why 2019 is the year to launch an inclusive children’s bus... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Digital detox

There’s growing awareness of the negative effects of too much screen time. Businesses that help consumers disconnect could reap big rewards in 2019 The o... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Bespoke beauty

With personalised makeup, specially-blended shampoos and skincare ingredients you can pick and choose, embracing individuality is the latest trend in beauty. As... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: American Sports

With appetite for American sports growing in the UK, next year NFL, NBA, and MLB games will be played in London, an American sports business could hit... [Read More]

Business and Environmental Sustainability

In today’s economic environment businesses are facing increasing levels of scrutiny surrounding environmental sustainability and have therefore been p... [Read More]