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Key Steps to a Business Plan

A business without a business plan is nothing. Business plan includes two key terms: Steps and Goals. The steps from starting the business to achieving o... [Read More]

Just How Do I Start My Own Estate Agency Business?

Like most businesses, starting your own estate agency will require a lot of gut, strategic planning and strong marketing, not to mention the financial... [Read More]

Is rethinking plastic a good business idea?

Single-use plastics have recently come under the environmental spotlight, and in 2019, UK consumers will be looking for help in reducing their plastic... [Read More]

How to write a very impressive pitch deck and get funded!

A pitch deck is a series of words and images that illustrate a venture’s story and business model. Entrepreneurs have used them to raise money, recruit e... [Read More]

How To Evaluate your Business Plan

Now, your business plan is ready, you have selected your KPI (key performance indicators) and you are ready to perform to your business plan. You should... [Read More]

How to confront your fears as an entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs share similar fears, losing their earnings Going  heavily into debt Not doing as well as they considered Dash the other’s hopes And ... [Read More]

How to build a great team to success

Did you know that Terrific products, strong financing, cool offices, and a great website don’t matter much if your team can’t work well together?... [Read More]

How often should you update your business plan?

Every entrepreneur should know  that business planning is a continuing process  – it is not just something you prepare for the bank manager at the start... [Read More]

How Being Creative Benefit Your Small Business

Fortunately, most entrepreneurs and small business owners are nimble enough to quickly respond to shifts in the online marketplace. But what direction sho... [Read More]

High Growth Businesses

High-growth firms are defined by the OECD as those with ten or more employees that have recorded average annual growth rates of 20 % or more (in employment... [Read More]