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Cryptocurrency Fever

You would be familiar with the latest craze in tech and if you are yet to get acquainted with it don’t fret as we hope this brief explanation should g... [Read More]

Costing My New Startup

“So… how much would all that come to?” asks the interested investor “Errmm… I’ll get back to you once all the figures are confirmed” Now, that response... [Read More]

Consulting in the UK

The UK consulting market – which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland – is worth around £10 billion, making it Europe’s second larg... [Read More]

Components of a Business Plan

Writing the business plan for the success of any new venture is critical. Business plans are key to helping you think through your business and keep you... [Read More]

Common Mistakes in Business Planning

As writing a business plan  is time-consuming, entrepreneurs has a reason for not completing one. But it is not the only alibi. Most of the entrepreneurs ... [Read More]

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Seeking Venture Capital

New research released in 2018 revealed that the UK still remains as Europe’s leading country for global technology investors, with technology businesses i... [Read More]

Coffee shop business plan

So, you want to open and run the coffee shop you’ve always dreamed of! You may have been fantasizing about your ideal coffee shop all the time in a way t... [Read More]

Change Your Mind About Failure

If you are unable to accept your failures and take lessons out of them, you are not ready to start your own business. As starting a small business, no... [Read More]

Business Plan Writing in the UK 2022

Business Plan Writing in the UK 2022 There are a plethora of different business plans with different purposes from basic business plans, funding business... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: Personal health apps

From treating neck pain to sending medication reminders, smartphones and 5G are putting health management into the hands of consumers Smartphone apps for... [Read More]