At B&F Services our main focus is on building long-lasting partnerships in the UK and globally

Working with wide range of start-ups and SMEs, the specialists at B&F Services can provide expert advice on the quality and viability of projects seeking to establish themselves in the UK market, access funding. This includes undertaking reviews of proof of concept, business plans and activity plans submitted as part of visa business applications, as well as mentoring and monitoring the project through various stages of development and implementation.

We can support international founders in many areas from branding, image building and social media presence to the launch of an impactful campaign, accelerating your progress and helping you achieve your goals sooner.

Partner with us to help you deliver a high-class business plan and market research for your clients.

Our Partners

We work with range of partners including law firms, immigration consultants, banks, Endorsing Bodies, Venture Capitalist and Franchisors across UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA. We are looking forward to work with more partners.

Become the Partner

If you would like to become our partners, please download our brochure for more information via below form.

For advice and assistance in relation to any business plan for UK business visas application - development or information about working with us as partners, contact us on 0203 951 0851.