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Business ideas for 2019: Bespoke beauty

With personalised makeup, specially-blended shampoos and skincare ingredients you can pick and choose, embracing individuality is the latest trend in beauty. As... [Read More]

Business ideas for 2019: American Sports

With appetite for American sports growing in the UK, next year NFL, NBA, and MLB games will be played in London, an American sports business could hit... [Read More]

Business and Environmental Sustainability

In today’s economic environment businesses are facing increasing levels of scrutiny surrounding environmental sustainability and have therefore been p... [Read More]

Building a Winning Investment Profile for Your Startup

In this 40-minute webinar, Farhad Reyazat, CEO and Head of Investment at B&F Services will give an insightful introduction into positioning your start-up... [Read More]

Building a Winning Investment Profile

In this 40-minute webinar, Christie Osarenren (Head of Strategy, B&F Services) will give an insightful deep dive into the group of investors that make... [Read More]

Brexit Deal Clarified for Small Businesses

Almost 4 and half years after the referendum result, the UK and the EU finally concluded a trade deal on 24 December and small business owners are relieved... [Read More]

Be Pitch Deck Ready!

This guide will give a break down on the key thing’s investors look for in start-ups, the best and easy way to getting your business ideas seen and h... [Read More]

B&F Services to Exhibit at Tech Day London 2019

B&F Services will be joining over 7000 participants and 50 exhibitorst at one of London’s biggest start-up events Tech Day London at Old Billingsgate, L... [Read More]

B&F Services to Exhibit at Tech Day London 2018

B&F Services at King William Street, London will be joining over 200 participants at one of London’s biggest start-up events Tech Day London at Old B... [Read More]

B&F Services Open Day

We’re pleased to announce that B&F Services will hold an Open Day for entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking consultancy on funding, business planning... [Read More]

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