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Free Company Formation in the UK: How to Register One?

Free Company Formation in the UK: How to Register One? Registering as a company in the UK in 2021 has become easy to do throughout the years, business... [Read More]

Find the right investor for your small business

Entrepreneurs need to determine which investors to seek to raise money from. Don’t waste your time with investors who aren’t likely to be interested in y... [Read More]

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Employed Tax Return

Each year, HM Revenue and Customs remind self-employed to complete their tax return before the deadline. A Self-Assessment tax return can look very daunting,... [Read More]

Deadly Excuses for Not Writing a Business Plan

Most successful companies have some form of plan. A good business plan works from a model, which is using good information and mathematical assumptions.... [Read More]

Cryptocurrency Fever

You would be familiar with the latest craze in tech and if you are yet to get acquainted with it don’t fret as we hope this brief explanation should g... [Read More]

Costing My New Startup

“So… how much would all that come to?” asks the interested investor “Errmm… I’ll get back to you once all the figures are confirmed” Now, that response... [Read More]

Consulting in the UK

The UK consulting market – which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland – is worth around £10 billion, making it Europe’s second larg... [Read More]

Common Mistakes in Business Planning

As writing a business plan  is time-consuming, entrepreneurs has a reason for not completing one. But it is not the only alibi. Most of the entrepreneurs ... [Read More]

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Seeking Venture Capital

New research released in 2018 revealed that the UK still remains as Europe’s leading country for global technology investors, with technology businesses i... [Read More]

Coffee shop business plan

So, you want to open and run the coffee shop you’ve always dreamed of! You may have been fantasizing about your ideal coffee shop all the time in a way t... [Read More]

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