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Steps of Financial Planning

Steps of Financial Planning

Financial Plan is the main document that determines whether or not your business idea is going to be able to attract any investment or required funding... [Read More]

Steps Before Writing Plan

Before beginning to write a business plan, you should pull together some information you’ll need. To get the information first, help you avoid interruptions... [Read More]

Startup Funding – Equity Investment

Investopedia defines a startup as a young company that is just beginning to develop. They come in multiple shades are usually small but are financed and... [Read More]

Starting a Business During Changing Times, Danger and Opportunity

2020 was an extremely tumultuous year and brought us surprises we could’ve never predicted, hand sanitiser and toilet roll became a commodity, “COVID-19”, “pand... [Read More]

Road Map to Success

A business plan is really a road map to success. When your plan is written correctly, that document can not only put you on track to proper growth, but... [Read More]

Put the right person into the right position

As an entrepreneur, you should cultivate the ability to analyze and understand the kind of personality required for a special position in your company.... [Read More]

Oriental food Market analysis

With research suggesting that around 95% of all adults eat out and 31% of adults eating out once or... [Read More]

Mission Statement

One of the important components of every business plan is the mission statement. A mission statement defines what an organization is why it exists and... [Read More]

Mini Guide to Start-Up Funding 2021

In the United Kingdom, around 70,000 new companies are formed every month, and many are dissolved within the year. Start-ups are usually defined as being... [Read More]

Marketing Plan

What is a marketing plan? A marketing plan is a report that outlines your marketing strategy for the coming year, quarter or month. Typically, a marketing ... [Read More]