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The growth of the UK’s restaurant market

Within the UK over recent months the restaurant and dining industry has seen some major changes that have affected the whole dynamics of the industry.... [Read More]

The Future of Cloud Computing

Research reports have gone to suggest that entrepreneurs and small business owners work, on average, around 60+ hours per week. AutoMate conducted research... [Read More]

The Food Supplement Market

The study of Euromonitor International shows that the food supplement market within Europe should be growing approximately at a rate of 9.5% in the next... [Read More]

The Effectiveness of Marketing Channels

Marketing campaigns are core to business success, so what methods are most effective? It is important to note that customer reach, although key in marketing... [Read More]

The E-commerce Market

The E-commerce Market The online shopping and E-commerce market has witnessed a spike in growth over the period of 2016, with a 16% growth in the UK market.... [Read More]

The best time to start your new business

The best time to start your new business Should you begin your new venture when the economy is strong or when is the economy in a downturn? Is the economy th... [Read More]

The best business ideas you should start in 2019

As we start the new year, there are uncertain times ahead for the UK. But while none of us can control – dare we even say the word – Brexit, the UK sm... [Read More]

The Benefits of 3D to Business

With advances in technology has come a growth in the utilisation of 3 dimensional service applications. These applications have become increasingly beneficial... [Read More]

The Age of Technology

Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2018: AI; intelligent Apps and Analytics; Intelligent Things; Cloud Technology, Immersive Experience; Conversational... [Read More]

Tech in Business

Advancing technology can be implemented into business, creating new possibilities and making the working day increasingly effective and efficient. In recent... [Read More]