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In the blog, you’ll understand more about the UK Visa Sponsorship for employers and what it entails.


Firstly, once you’ve administered for a type of visa, whether that would be innovator, startup, etc, you’ll usually need to require a sponsor license, in order to work in the UK. This consists of citizens, who are from the EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, who made it to the UK after 31st December 2020. This still consists of an unpaid job, such as charity work.

Furthermore, you don’t necessarily need a sponsor license, to sponsor specific groups, for instance:

  • Citizens who are from Ireland
  • Individials that are settled down in the UK, or are just settling in with the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Individuals with undefined consent to continue living in the UK

Getting a Sponser Licence

There are five certain points into getting a sponsor licence that you must consider, and they are:

  • Double check that you’re business is acceptable
  • Double check that you’re job is acceptable for a sponsor license
  • Decide on which form of license you want to administer for
  • Make the choice of who will handle the sponsorship within your business
  • Administer online and pay the cost

Once you’ve administered for a sponsor license, then you’ll be handed a rating for your license, if the administration turns out to be fortunate. Furthermore, you will matter sponsorship certificates, if you do have work that is accepted to meet your requirements as a sponsor.


In order to obtain a license, as an employer, you must not have the following:

  • Convictions of crimes, that consists of offences within immigration, and other crimes, such as money laundering and fraud
  • Have had a sponsor license that has been dismissed in the last year (12 months)

You’ll also need to make sure that have acceptable systems that are in place to manage employees that are sponsored and individuals to manage a sponsorship that is to do with your business. Furthermore, the UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration), will give your administration form an analysis, along with supportive documents. They also may want to come and pay a visit to your business/company, to make sure that it is authentic and accomplished.

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Job Appropriateness

Some people might not know this, but you can sponsor someone who is working, if their chosen job is going to have an appropriate skill level and that the pay rate is acceptable, and/or meets other requirements that are required for their specific visa.

You can read more about job appropriateness if you are sponsoring the following:

  • Religious worker or a minister of religion
  • Charity worker
  • Creative worker
  • Worker on an international agreement
  • Worker on an International Sportsperson visa
  • Seasonal worker
  • Worker on a government authorized exchange
  • Intra-company worker
  • Health or care worker
  • Skilled worker

Further Criteria for Religious Workers

Initially, you would have to disclose any form of work you make an offer to an individual who has a religious work visa, except if it is not a crucial position, and/or consists of living under a religious order, for instance, a nun or a monk.

You have to preserve documents of when you don’t necessarily disclose any form of job. Also, You must confirm that there isn’t an applicable candidate to take the position, who does not depend on sponsorship.

Religious workers can get a temporary licence (let you sponsor people on a temporary ground) for a maximum of 2 years

Further Criteria for Creative Workers

Creative jobs that are carried out by an individual on a Creative Worker visa consists of:

  • Models
  • TV and film workers
  • TV and film performers
  • Opera and theatre performers
  • Ballet dancers and other types of dancers
Performers can get a temporary licence for a maximum of 2 years

If you want to get a creative visa, you must consider either/or:

  • You give into the creative workers code of practice (if it counts for that particular job)
  • The occupation is included in the shortage occupations list

If the occupation isn’t on the shortage occupation list, and there isn’t a code of practice, you must double-check that the occupation can’t be done by a worker who won’t need sponsoring.

Sponsering Someone with a Creative Visa under the age of 16

You might want to consider a child performance licence if the young person working is actively involved in:

  • Modelling gigs that are paid jobs
  • Any outdoor events/public performances where people come and pays to see it, whether that would be a play, musical, film or concert, and/or checks in with a licensed bounds
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Child performance licences must be administered within at least 21 days before the actual event

Further needs for Workers on an International Sportsperson Visa

For work relating to sports, that will most likely be completed by somebody on the International Sportsperson visa, you must make sure you obtain an endorsement letter from the relevant governing body.

Sportspeople, such as boxers, can be sponsored by somebody with a worker’s licence (more information on Types of licence)

Sponsering Individuals Under the Age of 18

Some people might not know that you can only sponsor a foreign individual under the age of 18 if they have obtained:

  • A Creative Worker visa – no minimum age required
  • A Government Authorized Exchange visa – no minimum age is required
  • An International Sportsperson visa – Must be aged 16 or above

For more information about sponsoring people under the age of 18, read more about your responsibilities if you sponsor a worker under 18.

Sponsership Mangement Occupations

You must make sure to choose people within your business/company to manage the sponsorship action when you administer for a license. The number one essential that they will use is called the sponsorship management system (SMS).

The occupations are as follows:

  • Key Contact – the central contact with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)
  • Level 1 User – mainly in charge for all daily management of your license applying the SMS
  • Authorizing Officer – a leading and adequate individual in charge of the behavior of staff and organizations who use the SMS

These positions can be taken by the same individual or diverse individuals. Furthermore, You can choose a level 2 user (which is optional), once your license has been obtained

You can also appoint an optional level 2 user once you have your licence. This is an SMS user with an expanded and confined approach than a level 1 user, for instance, they can’t take away a certificate of sponsorship.


Overall, there is a lot to think about when it comes to sponsoring a certain individual, as people might think that it is a quick process, but in reality, it can be time-consuming. For more information, visit Sponsorship for Employers. You may want the help of professionals with this, and B&F Services are always here to help.

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