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Why It Takes So Long to Start Your New Business?

You’ve been gotten the agreement of Ka-ching. Now you just need to be examined by your new company.

They want to check you’re not a terrorist, bankrupt, serial killer, etc. It shouldn’t take a long time to distinguish that you’re none of those. But maybe if it takes too much time you’re still remaining for a start date.
And all that time you may not have been earning, putting off other jobs in the meantime. In such lost earning delays could cost you hundreds, if not thousands. If this situation sounds familiar, you’re one of many self-employed professionals getting attached at business difficulty before you can start the work and be examined by your company.
Our research shows that around £1.2bn ($1.5bn) of productive capacity is lost in the UK every year through delays in this process.


Act intelligent
In the finance and insurance you have to be extremely careful about the people you’re taking on, and those checks can be very serious. If a new employee has money problems, for example, it could leave them open to blackmail. Your data protection policy is going to have to be pretty strong for entrepreneurs to trust you. Be careful about giving all your data to one firm seems an attractive proposition because a lot of entrepreneurs don’t like giving private information away to many different service firms. So it does seem like a good idea to manage what you want to do, Business plan will be the key here.
The entrepreneurs who pay for the B&F services get to see all the data that is held on them, whereas they don’t usually see the data recruitment firms have dug up. They can also use the service as a cloud-based store for all the documents and certificates they need to apply for a business plan.
B&F services have focused on the financial services sector and have established nearly 3176 business firms and hundred entrepreneurs. The aim is to expand to other sectors, such as healthcare, education, government, and telecoms.

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Tell the truth
Verifying whether job applicants are telling the truth is a huge headache for recruiters and human resources departments.

Gig economy
As self-employment continues to grow worldwide in the period of the “gig economy”, this onboarding issue is likely to grow in importance. There are nearly five million self-employed people in the UK and 15 million in the US, and the numbers continue to rise. As more people become more dependent on gradual work, recruitment delays that stop people working could be very problematic for them and the economy as a whole.

You wouldn’t want to leave high-level security approval to a process.

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