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The study of Euromonitor International shows that the food supplement market within Europe should be growing approximately at a rate of 9.5% in the next years. Statistics have gone to illustrate that the current European market value for food supplements stands at €7.2bn in 2015 and is expected to reach a value of €7.9bn by 2020.

Looking more specifically at the UK, 46 per cent of Britons are using supplements regularly in efforts to boost their health. If this is the case, with a rough current population of 65.14 million, the UK estimates would suggest that 29,964,400 people within the UK currently utilise some form of food supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As presented in the chart below, vitamins and minerals and skin care treatments feature among some of the largest over-the-counter (OTC) sold products within the generic health products market in the UK.

The UK has one of the largest vitamin and mineral markets in the world. It is said that this subsector will continue to be propelled by consumers’ emphasis on health and wellbeing, leading people to take a more proactive approach towards their health.


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