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All entrepreneurs share similar fears,

losing their earnings
Going  heavily into debt
Not doing as well as they considered
Dash the other’s hopes
And losing one’s self-confidence

to confront the fear  has always been recommended by successful entrepreneurs as the best way of dealing with it. But conscious that
You should never get comfortable with fear, nor should you try
to overcome or ignore it. Fear is a natural reaction that you should accept and hold, include it into your decision making and planning.
You need to understand and  support your fear. Fear is the greatest of motivators. It puts an edge on things, and when you’re on edge, you
work harder. although it is hard to accept, without the pressure of fear, some of us are not motivated to act.
Fear is also a natural defense mechanism, part of your survival instinct. Fear enables you to keep a heightened sense of awareness of the environment and so reduce the probability of being blindsided by a new competitor or a new technology. Because your business is most in danger when you’re most comfortable, embracing your fear can raise the probability that your venture will be a success.Fear can paralyze some people but by embracing it the quality of your decisions and actions will be enhanced.

Don’t forget that

  • Every entrepreneur experiences fear.
  • You should embrace fear because Fear would act as the fuel of your engine
  • Fear is a natural defensive mechanism.
  • Your fears should be included into your decision-making process.
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