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Business plan vs. pitch deck? Which should you be concentrating on first as a startup investor? For decades entrepreneurs and company owners assumed they ought to concentrate on building a comprehensive business plan. All before taking the real measures. There were good explanations for that. Lately, multiple entrepreneurs have gone almost solely with pitch decks in place of a traditional business plan.

Which of these two methods is best? Does it rely on the type of company you are creating or if you plan any fundraising endeavours? Is a mixed-method the smartest move? Or should you stay extremely concentrating on one before the other?

Descriptions: Business Plans Vs. Pitch Decks

business plan

A formal business plan is a fairly long text-based document. It lays out all of the parts of the company. From the corporate form to marketing plans to startup requirements and growth strategies and financial projections for the next five years. Plus the much longer-term game plan. This is generally in a Microsoft Word style layout, and can efficiently run 25 pages. It starts with a concise administrative overview. Which can be 1-3 pages long on its own. 

A pitch deck is a slide-based presentation. Think PowerPoint or Google Slides configuration. Ideally, your pitch deck will run between 5 to 20 slides. It is a very short, straightforward and close version of a formal business plan. More examples include an EIS pitch deck and an SEIS pitch deck. These types are slightly similar, in terms of rules for businesses and investors. Pitch decks occurred especially for pitching startups to possible investors for fundraising. Nevertheless, they are increasingly substituting business plans. 

pitch deck

Utilizes For A Business Plan Today

Are business plans (including an SEIS business plan) still appropriate today? Yes and no. Every company and entrepreneur should have a plan. We all know what falling to plan means. However, what is practical and helpful in terms of business plans may be altering and developing.

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A business plan really enables you to get deep and length into your dreams. It gives more transparency than you could ever fit into a pitch deck. This strategy enables entrepreneurs really think via the elements and big vision and long term game plan. It helps you get fine with marketing plans, startup costs, cash flow needs, and economic projections.

It also enables to give you a framework to start creating on. As well as really believing in a practical business model. Investors, advisors and other key players may be completely satisfied with seeing a one-page business plan, executive overview, and bullet-pointed action plan. Supplying that escorts a great pitch deck.

Nevertheless, there might still be some methods by which you will be requested for your business plan. This contains applying for some kinds of loans, leasing space and uniting certain groups or applying for licenses. 

Pros & Cons Of Business Plans Today


  • Being compelled to think through the components
  • Maintaining an in-depth plan and understanding of your real requirements
  • Being capable to back up the publicity with something real
  • The chance with possible companions and early investors
  • Being scheduled if you are requested for it
  • Having a complete guide and roadmap to pursue


  • Likelihoods are no one else will ever read it
  • Specialities move so fast, most might be nonessential in a couple of months
  • It’s a black hole for your time, vitality and velocity
  • Numerous entrepreneurs get eliminated down here and miss their best possibilities
  • Further fees with minor returns
  • Seeming like a beginner to skilled investors

Utilizes For A Pitch Deck Today

A pitch deck is for more than just fundraising. Pitch decks (SEIS pitch deck or EIS pitch deck) are interchangeable with startup fundraising. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t be solely tied to fundraising movements or only when you are out there vigorously raising for around. 

In fact, you’ll find pitch decks valuable from before day one through your exit. 

These procedures contain:

  • Filing your initial vision and representative, like with a business plan
  • Acquiring basic feedback 
  • Recruiting cofounders
  • Enlisting advisers
  • Employing early and essential team members
  • Pitching investors on and offline
  • Reserving early consumers and strategic alliances
  • Via numerous fundraising contests
  • Obtaining an exit
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Pros & Cons Of Pitch Decks Today


  • Desired when increasing capital
  • A streamlined framework for forming a little business plan
  • Effortlessly and freely revamped for considerable objectives and overtime
  • Much more rapid to form
  • More potential that you will utilise and direct to it frequently
  • More straightforward to convey
  • Allows you to get down to business quicker


  • Can be a justification not to have a real plan of prototype
  • Destructive voids from not regarding via the segments
  • Not set when a business plan is asked
  • Focus on hiding and publicity versus import
  • Significantly short span view


There are multiple benefits and drawbacks of only driving on a standard business plan or new current pitch deck. Trying to juggle both together can additionally combine the hoaxes, diversions, and measurement of time before you really get into the game. 

Today, it seems the best-adapted entrepreneurs, specifically when it comes to getting financed are those with a powerful pitch deck, at least a one-page business plan, and a powerful executive summary.  Don’t ignore the significance and importance of having a real plan. You could be undermining your own task and destiny. If you intend to stay a little regional business or solopreneur forever a real business plan is clever. Though as the creator of a fast-moving startup that requires allowance, a pitch deck can be even more significant. You’ll likely be moving so quickly your business plan will never keep up. 

If you have to select one, it should be concentrating on striking out a disarming pitch deck. This procedure will also give you multiple of answers and a framework for fleshing out your whole business plan. At least this way you’ll be suspended to boost money, create out your team and acquire early customers in the meantime.  Recall that storytelling plays a critical role in fundraising and you will need finances to scale things up. This is being able to catch the essence of the business in 15 to 20 slides.

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