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Business ideas for 2019: Inclusive children’s products

From books with diverse characters, to educational toys and gender-neutral clothing, discover why 2019 is the year to launch an inclusive children’s business.
Inclusive children’s products encompass a wide range of items, from the clothes children wear, to the toys they play with and the books they read, to name but a few. What unites them is the aim of appealing to the biggest variety of children possible and reflecting the many different forms of diversity.
The children’s industry has been experiencing a number of significant changes in the past few years.
The departure of Toys ‘R’ Us from the UK children’s toy industry in 2018 is just one example of such disruption, and more widely these changes suggest there’s room for children’s start-ups to launch with fresh approaches

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Business ideas for 2019: Microblading

Brows on fleek to business peak – how the miracle microblading revolution could be your next business win.
“Eyebrows on fleek” was a 2014 phenomenon that took the world by storm. The simple phrase, coined by teenage Vine user Peaches Monroe, marked the start of the big brow boom, positioning brows as the facial accessory of the decade.
With #onfleek and #browsonfleek garnering a combined total of over four million Instagram posts – the craze is definitely not over. If anything, the brow trend is gaining momentum.
In recent years, microblading has emerged as the new must-have-now brow look. Along with its sister trends, nanoblading and microfeathering, there are now more ways than ever to achieve perfect eyebrows 24/7.

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Business ideas for 2019: Macramé and houseplants

Looking for your next crafty, interiors-based business venture? Read on to see how nothing more than string and leaves will help you make your mark in 2019.
Hitting the vintage vibes whilst satisfying our new desire to bring the outside in, houseplants are an ever-growing trend, and a highly popular way to display leafy lovelies is in a macramé plant hanger.
But, what is macramé?
Macramé literally means ‘hand knotted work’ – a craft rising in popularity due to how easy it is to master the skill. Doing away with fiddly knitting needles, macramé uses simple knots in cotton rope to create distinctly 70s decorations, accessories and nifty houseplant hangers.
Some big names have picked up on the trend too. Vera Wang uses macramé techniques as an alternative to traditional lace designs in her latest ‘White’ collection. And Ikea is also ahead of the curve with its ‘SOMMAR 2018 Plant pot hanger’ coming in at just £4.
Not only is macramé a trendy way to create some Instagram worthy interiors, it’s a double-edged sword as far as business opportunities are concerned. Whether you choose to go down the horticultural or crafty line of this up-and-coming trend, there’s a wealth of opportunity waiting to be tapped into.

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Business ideas for 2019: Bespoke beauty

With personalised makeup, specially-blended shampoos and skincare ingredients you can pick and choose, embracing individuality is the latest trend in beauty.
As we enter 2019, this trend is continuing to evolve, embracing uniqueness at an even more individual level. The result? Bespoke, customisable beauty.
Continuing the beauty industry’s long-overdue awakening to the fact that everyone is different – and, therefore, one size does not fit all – bespoke beauty brings with it products that can be tailored to each customer’s specific look, tastes and goals.
Think shampoos formulated for consumers’ individual hair types, skincare that asks buyers to select which ingredients they’d like, perfumes customers can create themselves by layering their favourite scents, and more.
The appeal of bespoke hair and beauty is obvious. After all, how many times have you sunk several hours into comparing beauty products, spent a packet on the best one, and then discovered, with dismay, that it doesn’t deliver on its promises to make you look magnificent?
If a product’s been tailored to our own specific needs, it’s reasonable to assume it’s going to work well for us – saving us from disappointment, as well as wasted money and time. There’s also the compelling thought of holding something that’s a true reflection of our unique identity in our hands.
And what we’ve seen in 2018 is that technology – namely, the internet and ecommerce – is elevating the concept of bespoke beauty to accessible new heights (and headlines), giving everyone more control over what their products contain and do.

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