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What Investor is Best for You?

There are a number of different investor avenues that can be explored and each of these would suit businesses with varying models. We have listed here some key routes that entrepreneurs can explore for their start-up or scale-up and growth opportunities.

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New Start-up Visa

The UK government has set its sights on taking advantage of the boom in startups contribution to the UK economy. The latest 2018 data by former Index Ventures partner, Gil Dibner suggests that post Brexit vote has seen a rise in UK number of deals for venture capital investments. Although British startups have attracted the most venture capital in Europe, accounting for $5.7B of VC investment there is room to grow.

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Transitioning from a professional career to running a start-up

Transitioning from a professional career to running a start-up requires a high level of market knowledge and understanding. Therefore, it is very rarely the case that an entrepreneur will establish their first venture without having gained any prior market or working experience. However, some roles are more suited to preparing individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs for the experiences they may face when establishing and growing their first venture. This can obviously vary hugely dependent upon the field of work the aspiring entrepreneur would like to enter. However, as a more generalised approach, the following careers typically tend to be the careers that would best prep an individual for establishing their own business:

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The Future of the UK Business Economy

  1. The number of Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) businesses in the UK continued to grow to 2.67 million in March 2017 compared with 2.55 million in March 2016, which is consistent with the performance of the broader UK economy.

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