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Costing My New Startup

“So… how much would all that come to?” asks the interested investor

“Errmm… I’ll get back to you once all the figures are confirmed”

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Building a Winning Investment Profile

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Business and Environmental Sustainability

In today’s economic environment businesses are facing increasing levels of scrutiny surrounding environmental sustainability and have therefore been placed in the spotlight like never before. Businesses are now playing a leading role in the fight against climate change, aiming to achieve globally agreed sustainable development goals, ultimately ensuring a secure future for 9 billion people by 2025. Businesses are now widening their focus beyond profit in efforts to consider how they are able to create value in the broader society.

As a result of this, many companies are now actively pursuing varying targets that go far beyond earlier worry for reputation management. Examples of this would include, saving energy, developing green products, and retaining and motivating employees, all of which help companies capture value through growth and return on capital. In a research study by Mckinsey & Co. results show that a larger percentage of executives stated that they believed an increasing sustainable approach to business was having a positive effect on both their companies’ short and long-term value.

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Your Tech Start-up in 2018

You are probably wondering whatJack Dorsey of Twitter, or Will Shu of Deliveroo were thinking when they started their gargantuan tech companies? Most certainly you say, they were favourably placed in the intersection of luck and intrinsic programming skills that meant they could easily have set up these ventures with their eyes closed! Indeed, having a skill in programming helps and should be sought after, but it is no longer the only option. First, have you ever thought of solving a problem or you have just wanted to do things better? Maybe you are a developer but cannot seem to make sense of running a business and what that requires. Then read along.

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