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The Benefits of 3D to Business

With advances in technology has come a growth in the utilisation of 3 dimensional service applications. These applications have become increasingly beneficial for use within business, aiding the streamlining of the sales and marketing process. Such solutions would include the implementation of in-store or web based configuration platforms that allow consumers to design products to their specifications. 3D has additionally increasingly been utilised in the marketing sector for the purpose of more engaging and high quality advertisements. Some of the benefits a business would encounter through the adoption of 3D facilities into their business would include:

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Asset Management Industry

As reported by the FCA, as of November 2016, there was 1,840 asset management firms authorised within the vicinity of the UK. Within this sector in the UK there is around £6.9 trillion of assets under management (AUM). The retail sector accounts for around £1tn of these assets and around £3tn of this is managed on behalf of pension funds and various other institutional investors, such as hedge funds, REITs, and insurance companies. It can be estimated that the final sum of around £2.7tn managed within the UK is on behalf of overseas clients. 

Within the UK it is now seen that the large majority of adults have assets under management in one form or another. With pension schemes now a legal requirement for businesses to offer employees, it is now found that over three-quarters of adults within the UK today have some form of occupational or private pension fund. In addition to this, it has been evidenced through FCA statistics, around 14% of adults within the UK also hold stocks and shares ISA’s.

Unlike some market sectors, the asset management sector is not overly concentrated. The top 10 managing companies within the UK, although taking majorityshare, account for around 47% of the total market share. These top 10 consist of companies such as Black Rock, Standard Life Investments, M&G, and many more as listed within the bar chart below.

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The Food Supplement Market

The study of Euromonitor International shows that the food supplement market within Europe should be growing approximately at a rate of 9.5% in the next years. Statistics have gone to illustrate that the current European market value for food supplements stands at €7.2bn in 2015 and is expected to reach a value of €7.9bn by 2020.

Looking more specifically at the UK, 46 per cent of Britons are using supplements regularly in efforts to boost their health. If this is the case, with a rough current population of 65.14 million, the UK estimates would suggest that 29,964,400 people within the UK currently utilise some form of food supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As presented in the chart below, vitamins and minerals and skin care treatments feature among some of the largest over-the-counter (OTC) sold products within the generic health products market in the UK. 

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The UK Hotel Industry

The British hotel industry is set for a record 2017 owing to a substantial increase in both domestic and international visitors planning holidays in the UK. The British Hospitality Association further reported that the sector’s contribution to the UK economy had grown faster than any other since the downturn in 2008.

Research has confirmed the hospitality and tourism as the UK’s fourth largest industry, employing 4.6 million directly and indirectly. Last year it provided GBP161bn to the total economy, GBP15bn in exports and GBP38bn in direct tax receipts. Around 17%  of all jobs in the UK were related to the hospitality and tourism sector.

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