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15 Principles of Successful Entrepreneurs

All great achievements in business and life are built on a willingness to stick to first principles – what you know is right, even though many people around you will tell you to do otherwise. These principles represent the overarching strategies behind individual tactics of successful entrepreneurialism

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UK Business – A Brief Summary since 2000

In this blog post, we are going to represent a statistical analysis of businesses in the UK. It includes some information on the business statistics since 2000 and it covers a range of subjects like the number,  size, and industry of the UK businesses in that range of time.

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Basic Tips in Writing a Mission Statement

Now you are ready to write your business plan. You may ask yourself "where should I start?" The answer is: You can start anywhere you like, but start building your plan from the heart is better, which implies that the heart comes first. And usually, it does.Your Business Identity, Your Market, and your Strategic Focus build the heart of your plan. The mission statement is of the very first parts of your business identity. Let’s discuss what Mission statement is and how we can write a winning one.

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The UK Digital Market Research

The digital sector is the segment of an economy that refers to any job that is associated with working online or anything that will be online. Jobs that are commonly associated with the digital sector are jobs such as Website, Mobile application or software development as well as differing forms of digital marketing; However, there are some jobs that aren’t as commonly associated such as insight. This market spans the globe and is a rapidly developing and expanding market that generates millions of jobs around the world.

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