Our story: How and when we started and how we developed

B&F Services has been working with small/medium size businesses across a variety of industries since 2005. As a business consultancy, we decided to expand our services to include all that an entrepreneur needs.
From the very initial stages of running the business to assisting with the marketing and accountancy of the business they run.

We have worked across a number of industries and we are trying to expand that too. If you do not see your industry on our list, you can still contact us and we will try our best to assist you with your inquiry, as your industry can be on our industry to-do list for more comprehensive services.

  • We have established 3200+ (and still counting) businesses in the UK.
  • Raised over 55,000,000 £ funds for small businesses,
  • Provided 485 Entrepreneur Visa Business Plans (Tier 1),
  • and have 1700+ completed business plans.
  • We are proud to announce that 96% of our business plans secured funding for our clients.
  • We are aiming to raise that success rate to 100% and, as you might have already noticed, we have come very close to that.

If your company is willing to work with us as partners, we welcome you with open arms and you can contact us to discuss our opportunities in details.

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