As a trainer or coach, if you plan to expand your business and attract investment, like all other businesses, you will need a business plan. Our 96% success rate shows we assist your business growth.


Coaching and training is a market area that focuses on the growth and development of both people and businesses. If you have selected or set a broad skill that is in demand then it would possible be turned into a successful business venture.


Industry Analysis


The vocational training industry in the UK is worth at £914 million with 700 institutes has trained more than 22000 people. Based on the economic complexity index, UK is ranked 8th  in the world with the most industrially diverse and stable economy which is ahead from the US. Consequently, UK creates a healthy demand for a highly skilled labour force, thus creating immense potential for businesses, particularly in vocational training in the training and coaching sector. This coupled with the international reputation of the UK’s world-class training and education institutes, which has drawn a huge number of  international students (approximately 15% of the UK labour force is from foreign). This provides an ample opportunity for training and coaching businesses to thrive in both technical and services areas of the economy. 

Although there are skills shortage in certain areas of the UK’s economy, the UK government and a lot of private sector are taking measures to revamp the technical education and training. With their contribution, the training and coaching sector still remains its charm to attract investment. There is a shortage of skilled labour force in the following areas:


  • Financial Sector (Management Consultants, Actuaries, Economists and Statisticians)

  • Directors and CEOs 

  • Secondary Teaching 

  • Software

  • Graphic Designers 

  • Chefs 

  • Nurses 

  • Social Workers 

  • Mechanical Engineers 

  • Welding 

The phenomenon is not only in blue collar jobs but in white collar jobs as well. Providing training helps creating opportunities in the sector. 


These charts show that London and North West have a higher demand of skilled labours than other regions; where Northern Ireland demonstrates the least demand of skilled labours. 

The most popular training topics in the UK: 

  • Business Management 

  • Financial Services 

  • Health & Safety and Social Care

Training is a growth area. If you have a skill that people want to learn then you could turn it into a successful business venture. As the internet and technological developments revolutionise the way we do business, employers are clamoring for new skills. It isn't just about IT, managment and business skills are also in high demand. 

Top training demands by the delivery method are as below:


Company Specific In-house
1 Business & Management 
2 Health & Safety
3 Oil & Gas 
4 Communication Skills 
5 Finance
6 Sales
7 Personal Development
8 Supply Chain Management
9 IT User
10 Computer-aided Design (CAD) 

Public / Scheduled
1 Finance
2 Business & Management
3 Oil & Gas
4 Health & Safety
5 Law & Legal 
6 Construction 
7 Office Management 
8 Supply Chain Management 
9 Quality Assurance & Auditing 
10 Human Resources
E-learning / Online
1 Health and Social Care
2 Business & Management
3 Office Management
4 Hospitality & Tourism
5 Design
6 Health & Safety 
7 Personal Development
8 Engineering Industry 
9 Science & Research 
10 Finance

1 Business & Management
2 Engineering Industry
3 Finance
4 Construction
5 Human Resources
6 Health and Social Care
7 Teacher / Instructor Training
8 Project Management
9 Marketing
10 Science & Research 

Coaching includes the growing inhouse-methods with on-the-job training, in-house development programmes and coaching by line managers. It is essential to sketch a plan for your business ideas, venues, budgets and more before opening up a business. A business plan and marketing research help you understanding more about the needs and requirements in order to maximise the sales. Let us coach you before starting up a coaching and training business. Contact our business consultants for more information and services at Call +44(0) 203 637 6137.


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