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What Is a Business Plan For?

Raise Funds

You can have your business expanded by having an in-depth business plan, so that you are so close to get funds for the way ahead. You can also count on our free consultancy!

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Obviously, the more realistic and multi-aspect your Business Plan is, the better marketing strategies will find their way through your business.

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Standard Business Plan

The Standard Business Plan is the most popular and most frequently required form of a business plan. This form is usually requested when the external sources of funding are needed, such as bank loan or independent investors.

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Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a business document written for the purpose of describing the current market position of a business and its marketing strategy for the period covered by the marketing plan. Marketing plans are usually valid for up to five years.

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Financial Plan

Financial Plan is the main document that determines whether or not your business idea is going to be able to attract any investment or required funding options.

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Executive Business Plan

Executive Business Plan is the most complex and complete form of Business Plan. Apart from a Standard Plan it also requires external research and internal summary.

Why Our Amazing Business Plans?

  • - To create and run an innovative, viable and scalable business
  • - To be endorsed (in case you are outside Europe)
  • - To meet the extension criteria
  • - To run a profitable business
  • - To switch to Innovator Visa
  • - To meet the settlement criteria

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was fortunate enough to secure funding in his catering company. Angel investors were impressed with a 5-year business plan which michael presented at the meeting.


is planning to open her party planning company. With a solid business plan, she can successfully estimate when she will reach break-even point.


was always passionate about the design. business plan helped him with his first steps in establishing own interior design firm.

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