Could a business be more competitive than online shopping? The right answer is not a simple YES or NO. The right answer is

online shopping

Do you currently own a high-street retail store? Expansion into the industry of online retail and e-commerce could provide your business with huge expansive opportunities and the extra level of capital requirement you desire.

Industry Analysis

The online shopping market has seen a spike in growth over the period of 2016, with a 16% growth in the UK market. This has been said to have been largely driven by an increase in purchases made from smartphones with a 47% YOY growth from December 2015 through to December 2016, with further expectations of growth throughout 2017. In contrast, sales made on tablets were down 3% YoY. In December, smartphones accounted for 54% of mobile device sales, with tablets accounting for the other 46%. This is a huge uplift on December 2015, when smartphones accounted for 39% of mobile device sales.


Annual Online Shopping Growth Rate (UK)

Looking at the Christmas period, which is defined as running from 13th November through to 24th December, £25 billion was spent online. This was up an impressive 16% on the amount spent in 2015 as consumers continued to shop for presents online.
Reasons for increased sales online would include, but not limited to:


  • Greater Transparency.

  • Higher cost saving potential.

  • Fast & Convenient.


However, drawbacks would include:


  • Greater Transparency.

  • Higher cost saving potential.

  • Fast & Convenient.

In the year 2017, the online shopping industry is expected to grow by 14%. In the year 2015, online shopping was mostly used by consumers between 35-44 years. The reasons vary from the cheaper priced products to saving valuable time. In 2016 the total online shopping sales across the world reached $22.049 trillion, which is a growth of 6% from the year 2015. In 2020 online sales will increase up to $27 trillion.


Growth rate (in %)

accessories and lingerie 38% and 33%
gifts 26%
footwear up 21%
online sales 3%


The online retail sector is the main driver of growth in European and North American retailing, achieving in Europe growth rates of 18.4% (in 2014), 18.6% (2015) and expected rates in 2016 of 16.7% and in 2017, 15.7%. In comparison by the annual growth rates for all types of the retailing range between 1.5% and 3.5% pa. The recession has induced many shoppers to buy online rather from traditional stores. The fact that internet search is comparatively easy and predictable has made online retailing very attractive for a wide range of products. Retail focus on the growing use of mobile technology is an additional factor in making online retailing attractive and convenient.

As before the European online market is dominated by the UK, Germany, and France which together are responsible for 81.5% of European sales in these eight countries.

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