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Are you a wedding or events planner and considering starting your own business? The event and wedding planning industry combined currently has a combined value of more than £50bn in the year 2016 demonstrating huge market potential.

Industry Analysis


According to 2017 reports the UK events planning industry is currently valued at £42.3 billion, with an estimated 570,000 people being employed within the industry. It is said that there was an excess of 10,000 various venues with 85million attendees last year and 1.5 million business events alone. The average spending on an event during this period was £65,943 and London was ranked number one for EMEA city in terms of meetings and events activity.

In terms of growth, a survey carried out found that 83% of agencies expected their headcount to increase in 2016; that 67% of organizers expected their events to grow over 2017; and 39% of corporate event planners expect their budget to grow upon last year. This put the events planning industry in extremely good stead in terms of growth prospects.

Sub-sector Value (£billions)

Furthermore, it is predicted that in excess of £10billion in spent upon weddings within the UK in 2016, providing a further market with huge growth potential as well as stable demand.

If you are extremely organized and have a strong attention to detail, a career in the wedding and event planning industry might be right for you. According to Entrepreneur, an online source for business information, the start-up costs for becoming an event planner are less than $2,000 and it is a business that can be operated from your own home. The event planning business doesn't require much equipment to get started. As long as you have basic office equipment, such as a computer, printer and word processing software, you can write client proposals and print contracts. Event planners also need to have a cellular phone for their business and be prepared to take client and vendor calls at any time.

With the wedding industry booming, Start-ups has compiled a step-by-step guide to start a wedding planning business. Most people in the UK tend to get married between the months of May and September, when the weather is better, so you will be doing the majority of your actual planning during that time. Because it is a seasonal business, your earnings are likely to fluctuate.

The wedding report 2015-2016 shows that more than half of the brides (60%) are in their twenties, only 5% of brides are over 40. The average wedding costs in the UK are around £18,500. In the year 2014, there were 247,372 marriages, which is an increase of 2,7% from 2013, but 6,2% lower than in 2012.


Proper financial planning is, therefore, essential. You also need to work out how you will charge your clients, which will depend on what kind of service you plan to offer. If your plan is to secure ‘full’ planning contracts, where you oversee the entire process from start to finish, generally you would charge a percentage of the entire budget of the wedding (typically 10-15%), subject to a minimum fee. Proper planning is essential when starting any business, but doubly so when starting a wedding planning business, as the amount of work available will change dramatically with the time of year.

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